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Get to know yourself with a psychological analysis of your natal chart
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While most people associate astrology with predictions, the most valuable contribution of this discipline consists in a clear reading of a subject. Indeed, the natal chart is first and foremost a grid for reading a person. Only a professional astrologer can interpret it correctly, putting the emphasis in the right places. No one will be able to tell you about your talents, potential, motivations and fears as accurately as a professional astrologer, without ever having met you! In other words, reading your natal chart will open up a richer, more complete vision of your personality!

Astrological readings alone are limited to presenting your portrait in a descriptive way. Astropsychological readings, on the other hand, answer the question: Why are you the way you are? And how could you be? In fact, astropsychology allows me to go even further. Always on the basis of your natal chart, I'll be able to highlight the very subtle mechanisms of your personality that most of the time escape your awareness. This approach is only used in the context of astropsychological coaching.

Thanks to my unique approach, developed on the basis of social science knowledge and practical experience, I can give you the keys to harmonizing your personality and improving your psychological well-being. I'll be able to read the patterns in your chart that prevent you from feeling well-being. I'll help you establish new, more effective patterns that are more suited to your personality.

It's important to note that astropsychologists work primarily on the level of information exchange and knowledge sharing. I accompany you for as long as it takes to pass on this knowledge, and make sure that it is properly assimilated. In this way, I'm able to offer you a very subtle, but very accurate self-discovery that no other specialist is able to provide.

On the other hand, an astropsychologist's job is not to diagnose or treat psychological disorders, which is a medical matter. Nor is it his or her vocation to treat psychological trauma. The astropsychologist's knowledge contributes to the harmonization of the person's condition, but does not replace psychological treatment.
The main purpose of astropsychological follow-up
is to
give you a better understanding of yourself.
Getting to know yourself better allows you to:
  • (Re)discovering the meaning of life
    Self-knowledge makes you aware of your uniqueness, your strengths, your potential to develop and your motivations. It becomes clearer what we want to do and why. We rediscover the meaning of our path.
  • (Re)connecting with others
    When you know yourself well, you're more in tune with yourself, with your desires and needs. You become more self-confident. We're less concerned with proving ourselves and winning approval. Our communication with others becomes calmer and more harmonious.
  • (Re)gain control over your life
    When we know where we want to go and why, we're better able to act constructively and efficiently, and at a pace that suits us.
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